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Asked by shriya.pandey182 | 24th Dec, 2017, 10:44: PM

Expert Answer:

The phenomenon is called as mutual inductance. This arises due to electromagnetic induction.
When current is passed through coil B there will be a momentary deflection in the galvanometer connected to coil A.
This is due to the magnetic field produced by coil B interacts with coil A and induces a current in it. 
Here the current goes from 0 A to max initially after which it becomes steady.
It is only during this rise in current we see a momentary deflection in the galvanometer.
Similarly, when plug key is removed the current falls from max to 0 A and we can a momentary deflection in the galvanometer during this fall of current.
Rise and fall of current in the circuit produce a changing magnetic field in the coil B which is necessary for electromagnetic induction.

Answered by Gajendra | 27th Dec, 2017, 03:18: PM