quadratic equations...

Asked by deepitapai | 9th Mar, 2009, 12:21: PM

Expert Answer:

Let base = x, altitude = y

Hypotenuse = (x2+y2)

Now hypotenuse = x+2=y+4 ⇒ x = y+2

x2+y2= (x+2)2 and x2+y2= (y+4)2

We get  x2= 16+8y  and y2= 4x+y

Substituting x = y+2 in first eqyation and solving, we get x=8 and y = 6

Hence, the lengths of the rods are 6 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm

Answered by  | 9th Mar, 2009, 02:22: PM

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