Q.In series combination of power
   Let two appliances be connected in series combination with resistances R and S connected to a battery of emf E and current in the circuit be I.
So let equivalent circuit has resistance P
     In series,
Multiplying both sides by I squared
SO                                    I squaredP=I squaredR+I squaredS
Hence              equivalent power = P subscript R+P subscript S.                     [power=I squaredresistance]
what's wrong in this??????

Asked by Ravi consul | 4th Mar, 2015, 06:38: PM

Expert Answer:

There is nothing wrong in this consideration.
Some authors provide series combination with reciprocal power considering voltage to be same through all the appliances.
This consideration seems wrong as voltage will differ.
So, series combination should be ideally be P = PR + PS.
However, some authors provide this relation as series power value.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 7th Mar, 2015, 11:06: PM