Q1.When a certain conductance cell was filled with 0.20 mol dm-3 aqueous KCl solution , its conductivity was 2.78 x 10-3 S.cm-1 and had a resistance 82.5 ohm at 300K.Calculate the cell  constant .
Q2. Calculate the resistance of 0.1N solution of an electrolyte whose equivalent conductivity is 420 Ω-1.cm2.equi-1. The cell constant is 0.88cm-1.
Q3. Molar conductance of 1.5M solution of an electrolyte is found to be 13.895 S.m2.mol-1. What would be the specific conductivity for this solution.
Q 4.The resistance of 0.5M solution of an electrolyte enclosed between platinum electrodes 1.5cm apart and having an area of 2.0cm2 was found to be 30 Ω .Calculate the molar conductivity of the solution.
Q 5.When a certain conductance cell was filled with 0.1molL-1 KCl, it has a resistance of 85 Ω at 250C. When the same cell was filled with an aqueous solution of 0.52 molL-1 of an electrolyte solution ,the resistance was 96 Ω .Calculate the molar conductivity of the electrolyte at this concentration. (Conductivity ? of 0.1molar KCl is 1.29x10-2S.cm)







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Solution for your first query,

Cell constant = G* = Resistance x Conductivity

= 82.5 ohm x 2.78 x 10-3 S.cm-1

= 0.229 cm-1


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Answered by Prachi Sawant | 21st Jul, 2014, 11:50: AM

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