Q1.A basket of vegetables contain carrot, potato, radish and tomato. Which of them represent the correct homologous structures? a) Carrot and potato b) Carrot and tomato c) Radish and carrot d) Radish and potato Q2.Which of the following pairs of organs is analogous to each other? a) Leaf spines and leaf tendrils b) Flipper of a whale and leg of a horse c) Forelimbs of frog and human hand d) Wings of an insect and wings of a bat

Asked by  | 4th Mar, 2013, 10:56: AM

Expert Answer:

c) Radish and carrot, since they are similar in basic fundamental structure and origin, but dissimilar in function.
d)  Wings of an insect and wings of a bat. Bat wings and insect wings show similar function but are not derived from a common ancestor. Similar conditions and a similar environment caused both species to separately evolve similarly built structures.

Answered by  | 5th Mar, 2013, 08:50: AM

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