Q1)why silver chloride is stored in dark bottle?
Q2)when zinc is reacted with HCL the hydrogen is liberated but when it is reacted with copper hydrogen is not libetared ? why so?

Asked by rutika2900 | 18th Jun, 2015, 08:47: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear rutika2900@gmail.com
Answer to your first query,
Silver chloride is stored in dark coloured bottles in order prevent its contact with sunlight. Because when it comes in contact with sunlight it forms silver metal and elemental chloride.
Answer to second query,
It happens due to their reactivity difference. Zinc is placed above while copper is placed just below hydrogen in the electrochemical series. So copper can not displace hydrogen from its compound. In other words zinc is more reactive than hydrogen and copper is less reactive than hydrogen.


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Answered by Arvind Diwale | 19th Jun, 2015, 11:53: AM