Q1. Why repulsion is the test of sureity?

Asked by Rahul | 13th Jun, 2017, 02:05: PM

Expert Answer:

-Repulsion in magnets occur when two like poles (south pole to south pole or north pole to north pole) of a magnet are brought together.
-The magnets in this case are forced to move away from each other.
-Therefore, in order to determine the polarity of the magnets, repulsion can play an important role because like poles of a magnet always repel from each other.
-A magnet can attract the opposite pole of other magnet as well as the magnetic substance (iron,cobalt or nickel).
-If A magnet attracts another object, we cannot  necessarily say that the other object is a magnet.
-But if the magnet repels the object, then we can surely say that the other object is a magnet and that too of the same pole. 
-Thus, repulsion is the test of sureity.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 13th Jun, 2017, 03:58: PM