Q1. Whatis the history of lines and angles

Asked by vikasg13.hardware | 23rd Jun, 2017, 08:38: AM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 16px style Euclid space has space discovered space concept space of space line. space Hence comma space his space concept space is space specially
known space as space Euclidean space geometry.

Concept space of space angle space discovered space by space Eudemus space who space explained space angle space as space
straight a space deviation space from space straight a space straight space line. space After space that space Carpus space of space Antioch space stated space
that space the space interval space or space space space between space the space intersecting space lines.
Euclid space explained space his space definitions space of space right comma space acute space and space obtuse space angles. end style

Answered by Sneha shidid | 23rd Jun, 2017, 12:41: PM