Q.1 What will happen if an without shell placed in concentrated salt solution for 5 minutes ?
Q.2 How are the mitochondria able to make some of their proteins ?
Q.3 When a cell placed in distilled water, it swells up. What process is involved in it ?

Asked by meenahemraj1970 | 17th May, 2016, 09:41: PM

Expert Answer:

1. As concentarted salt solution is a hypertonic solution, the egg shrinks because water passes out of the egg into the salt solution. This process is also called exosmosis.
2. Because mitochondria contain their own DNA and ribosomes which help in making its own proteins.
3. The process involved is osmosis.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 18th May, 2016, 07:50: AM