Q1. How is the community government elected in Belgium?what power has been bestowed on it ?                                            Q2. Explain any three consequences of the majoritarian policies adopted by Sri Lankan government.                                        Q3. Explain any three of the most common arrangement of sharing power in modern democracies.

Asked by hrutvisweet16 | 12th Jul, 2015, 11:34: AM

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Ans 2:

Adoption of majoritarian policies by the Sri Lankan Government resulted in various consequences. These were:

  1. Sri Lankan Tamils started feeling alienated due to the introduction of various measures/policies by the government that preferred the Sinhala community.
  2. This resulted in straining of the relations between the Sinhala and Tamil communities over time.
  3. Finally, the distrust between the two communities widened and soon turned into a civil war.
These consequences caused killing of thousands of people of both the communities, while many of them were forced to leave the country as refugees and many others lost their livelihoods.
Kindly ask the rest of the questions as separate queries.

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 13th Jul, 2015, 03:38: PM

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