Q1. Define the following
(i)Convergent boundary
(ii)Divergent Boundary
(iii)gondwana Land
Q2.What are coral islands? Give example
Q3.Give a short note on the two groups of islands of India.
Q4. How has the northern plains of India been formed?Give a short description of it.
Q5. Name the theory which explains the formation of himalayas. What types of mountain system is it. Explain its formation and describe its different ranges with their salient features
Q6. Differentiate between the western and eastern coastal plains.

Asked by vatsalchoudhary41 | 10th Jul, 2014, 03:24: PM

Expert Answer:

Coral islands are tropical islands that are formed from various organic materials derived from skeletons of corals and numerous other animals and plants associated with corals. These are situated only few metres above the sea level and may extend upto dozens of kilometres. Example: Lakshadweep Islands.

Kindly ask rest of the questions as separate queries.

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 10th Jul, 2014, 09:09: PM

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