Q.1. A man spends 10% of the cost price as overheads and marks his goods 20% above the total cost price. He allows 10% discount. What is his profit on the article which is sold for Rs.595 ? Q.2. A shopkeeper listed the price of goods at 30% above the cost price. He sells half the stock at this price, one quarter of the stock at a discount of 15% and the rest at a discount of 30%. Find his profit% overall? Q.3. A briefcase was sold at a profit of 10%. If the cost price was 5% less and it was sold for Rs.7 more, the gain would have been 20%. Find the cost price of the briefcase?

Asked by sonali gupta | 24th May, 2013, 09:19: AM

Expert Answer:

Please ask only 1 question in a query. Please find the answer to your first question below. To determine the solution of the remaining 2 questions, please post them again in 2 separate queries. 
1. Let CP = x
Hence, overheads = 0.1x
Total CP = 1.1x
Marked price = CP+ 20% of CP = 1.1x + 0.2*1.1x = 1.32x
Discount = 10% on Marked price = 0.132x
Hence, Selling price = 1.32x - 0.132x = 1.188x
Hence, 595 = 1.188x 
x = Rs 500.841
hence profit = SP - Total CP  = 595 - (1.1*500.841) = Rs. 44.075

Answered by  | 25th May, 2013, 10:10: PM

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