*Q1- A child builds a tower from 3 blocks.The block are uniform cubes of sides 2cm.The blocks are initially lying on the same horizontal surface and each block has a mass of 0.1kg.The work done by the child is-

Asked by AkshayBishnoi | 15th Aug, 2012, 06:57: PM

Expert Answer:

Height of second block's center of mass from ground = 3cm (assuming that their mass is distributed uniformally and thus their center of mass is at the body center)
thus work done in lifting first block = 0.1*3/100*10 = 0.03 J
height of top block = 5cm
thus work done =0.1*5/100*10 = 0.05 J
thus total work done= 0.08 J

Answered by  | 17th Aug, 2012, 02:22: PM

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