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The given circuit is a balanced Wheatstone bridge. 
Since the bridge is balanced, no current flows along the path CD i.e., the resistance of arm CD is ineffective.
Now, the circuit is,
Resistance of the branch ACB,
R1 = 3Ω + 6Ω = 9Ω
Resistance of the branch ADB,
R2 = 2Ω + 4Ω = 6Ω
The effective resistance between the points A and B,
begin mathsize 14px style straight R equals fraction numerator straight R subscript 1 cross times straight R subscript 2 over denominator straight R subscript 1 plus straight R subscript 2 end fraction equals fraction numerator 9 cross times 6 over denominator 9 plus 6 end fraction equals 54 over 15 equals 18 over 5 straight capital omega end style

Answered by Faiza Lambe | 11th Dec, 2015, 09:29: AM

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