Asked by Sunil Soni | 19th Oct, 2016, 12:56: PM

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We have reached to a solution by applying the principle of equilibrium of the force exerted by block A and B and equating it with the force exerted by block C.
This has resulted into the calculation of the net force exerted by block A and B as 90 N (bold W bold equals bold μmg) equal to product of mass of block C and its acceleration on the other side of the equation.
Therefore, the acceleration of block C is obtained as 5 bold m bold divided by bold s to the power of bold 2 which unfortunately does not match any of your provided options.
Hence it is suggested that you review the question as we are not able to process its exact solution


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Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 21st Oct, 2016, 07:30: PM