Q. When we leave a soft stone or laddoo from a certain height and from that height when that stone or laddoo land on the ground then immediately that stone or laddoo breaks into several peices........Why???????????????????????????????????????

Asked by Shreshth Sahu | 24th Aug, 2014, 09:26: PM

Expert Answer:

The molecules of stone or laddoo or any substance are bound together with some force.
When the substance is hard, the bond is very strong and when it is soft, the bond is weak.
When we drop the soft stone or laddoo on the ground, on impact with the ground, there is transfer of kinetic energy between the laddoo and ground.
Now, this results in a force being exerted by the ground on the laddoo. Since, this force is large enough to break the intermolecular bond, the laddoo or stone breaks into pieces.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 25th Aug, 2014, 09:00: AM