Q. What is the end effect in a solenoid which decreases its magnetic field at the end points?

Asked by shuchiu | 28th Aug, 2011, 06:04: PM

Expert Answer:

Consider a solenoid made up of many turns of conducting wire with a length that is much longer than the diameter. It turns out that for an infinitely long solenoid, with the same number of turns per unit length of the solenoid, the magnetic field is constant in strength everywhere inside.
At a point right in the middle of the solenoid, magnetic field along its axis is due to infinitely long solenoids on both sides of this point.
But at the end of the solenoid, the magnetic field along the axis is due to an infinitely long solenoid on one side only. Since half of the solenoid is missing in this case, so magnetic field strength at end points is half of what was at the mid point.
Hence, the magnetic at the end points decreases.

Answered by  | 30th Aug, 2011, 04:44: PM

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