Q -  The depth of a bucket filled with water seems to be less than its actual depth, why ?

Asked by jullypradhan001 | 22nd Jul, 2017, 05:59: PM

Expert Answer:

1) The depth appears to be less because of refraction of light. Light coming from the bottom of the bucket gets refracted and we percieve the depth to be lesser.
2) Consider the following example. I have taken coin for simplifying the diagram.
3) The light coming from the coin placed at the bottom gets refracted away from the Normal because of refraction.
4) So, instead of appearing at its real depth, it appears raised. The same phenomenon is applicable to the bottom of the bucket itself. Hence, the bottom appears raised and we see that the bucket is filled slightly less than it actaully is.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 23rd Jul, 2017, 12:00: PM