Q) Put the following sentences into the Passive form:
1) All the boys laughed at him.
2) They found her guilty of murder.
3) She had not confessed her guilt.
Q) Put the following sentences into the Active form:
4) A lion may be helped even by the people.
5) Men have been ruined by gambling.
6) My cares are left behind.
7) He was taken for a thief.
8) He was known to be a kind man.

Asked by banerjee_milky | 7th Jan, 2017, 10:10: PM

Expert Answer:

Q) Passive Form
1) He was laughed at by all the boys.
2) She was found guilty of murder by them.
3) Her guilt was not confessed by her. 
Q) Active form:
4) People may even help a lion.
5) Gambling has ruined men.
6) I have left behind my cares.
7) They took him for a thief.
8) They knew him as a kind man.

Answered by Snehal Naik | 9th Jan, 2017, 11:30: AM