Q: It is said that same functional group confers similar chemical properties.Methanol and ethanol have same functional group.But we can not use methanol in drinks while ethanol can be used in drinks.This example justifies that same functional group may not confer similar chemical properties.Explain.

Asked by mbs7827 | 28th Oct, 2015, 06:52: AM

Expert Answer:

Same functional group confers similar chemical properties but physical properties may differ.
Methanol is a poisonous chemical derived by synthetic process, while commercial ethanol is produced by fermentation process of various food crops in industry. On consumption of methanol, It first gets oxidised to methanal in the body, which is toxic to human beings and further oxidation process of methanal gives methanoic acid which is even more toxic. Methanol can be absorbed directly through the skin and is just plain dangerous.
Whereas in case of ethanol, it is first oxidised to ethanal then the final oxidised producat is acetic acid which is also produced during the gluscose metabolism in the body.
Hence, ethanol is less toxic than methanol. Ethanol is a part of driking beverages and is also widely used solvent in industries. Thus, we can not use methanol in alcoholic beverages while ethanol can be used.

Answered by Hanisha Vyas | 28th Oct, 2015, 01:10: PM

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