Q) If I take a negative test charge and place it in the field of a negative charge, then that test charge will be repelled. So in that case, if we draw the field lines then they will be outwards. Doesn't this contradicts the fact that electric field lines of a negative charge will be inwards?

Asked by ARAVIND S KUMAR | 19th May, 2014, 04:38: PM

Expert Answer:

A unit positive charge placed in the electric field tends to follow a path along the field line if it is free to do so. On the contrary a unit negative charge or an electron tends to follow the same path but in the opposite direction of electric field.
Electric lines of force exert lateral (sideways) pressure to represent repulsion between two like charges. Therefore when electric field lines of one of the negative charge come closer to the electric field lines of other negative charge then there is lateral repulsion between the lines of forces, causing repulsion between the two negative charges.

Answered by Ravindra Kapal | 21st May, 2014, 10:39: AM