Q. How did the British manufacturers attempt to take over the Indian market with the help of advertisements ? Explain with three examples.

Asked by debaratib24 | 30th Jun, 2015, 06:38: PM

Expert Answer:

Manufacturers, whether Indian or British, made use of several techniques in order to establish control over the Indian market. The Manchester industrialists attached labels to their cloth bundles exported to India. The bundles mentioned the company name and the place of manufacture and sought to assure the buyer about the quality of the product. Also, images of Gods and famous personalities like nawabs and emperors were put on advertisements. Such representation was to attach a divine or royal approval to the said product. By the late 19th century, manufacturers also began to print calendars which were used by literate as well as illiterate people. Divine and royal imagery was used in these too in order to popularise the industrial goods.

Answered by Soumil Shukla | 1st Jul, 2015, 08:58: PM

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