Q: A ray of light is travelling from air to water. what is the angle of incidence in air, if angle of refraction in water is 41 degrees? take refractive index of water =1.32. Q: A ray of light passes from air to glass (n = 1.5) at an angle of 30 degrees. calculate angle of refraction .

Asked by  | 27th Jan, 2012, 04:50: PM

Expert Answer:

According to snell's Law
sin i/sin r = refractive index
angle of incidence= 300
Sin300 =0.5
sin 300 /sin r =1.5
0.5/1.5 =sinr
sin r= 0.3333
r =sin-1 (0.333)
r=19.4 degree

Answered by  | 27th Jan, 2012, 10:07: PM

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