q)   a) how can we magnetize a material?give the character of the magnetic materials used.
      b) does a current carring conductor experience a force when placed in a magnetic field?give two applications of this.
      c) why does rectangular coil carring current rotate in a magnetic field? 

Asked by Rajeev | 20th Sep, 2014, 10:57: PM

Expert Answer:

a) We can magnetize a material by rubbing it against a strong magnet. When a magnetic material is brought near the magnetic field of a magnet, its atoms start aligning itself to the field. So, when we rub the material over the magnet the material will be magnetized for a certain period of time.
Character: The material to be magnetised should be magnetic in nature. It should be a ferromagnet material.
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Answered by Romal Bhansali | 21st Sep, 2014, 06:02: PM