Q)A horizontal force F is applied to a body of weight mg resting on a frictionless inclined plane to prevent it from sliding down.The plane makes an angle of empty set space w i t h space t h e space h o r i z o n t a l. t h e n space p r o v e space t h a t space t h e space n o r m a l space r e a c t i o n space a c t i n g space o n space t h e space b o d y space s a t i s f i e s space t h e space c o n d i t i o n space
N equals open curly brackets open parentheses m g close parentheses squared plus F squared close curly brackets to the power of 1 half end exponent

Asked by araima2001 | 5th Sep, 2016, 07:00: AM

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Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 6th Sep, 2016, 03:24: PM

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