Prove that the torque acting due to a force F in the xy - plane is ?x = xFy - yFx.

Asked by ARATHI M | 10th Jan, 2013, 12:54: PM

Expert Answer:

we know that the torque is given as:

= r X F....r=perpendicular distance of the applied force from the fixed point,
? =torque,


in the xy plane

r = ix + jy

F = iFx + jFy

so, we have

= r X F = ( ix + jy) X (iFx + jFy)

by solving further using matrix method, we get

= ix X (iFx + jFy) - jy X (iFx + jFy)

so, finally

= xFy - yFx


Answered by  | 10th Jan, 2013, 01:31: PM

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