Prove that if a body is thrown vertically upward the time of ascent is equal to the time of descent

Asked by Godararahul0250 | 4th Sep, 2019, 04:51: PM

Expert Answer:

let's say u be the initial velocity of the body and  t subscript 1 be the time taken for upward motion and t subscript 2be the time taken for downward motion
v equals u plus a t
0 equals u minus g t subscript 1
t subscript 1 equals u over g
For downward motion of the body
negative v equals 0 minus g t subscript 2
t subscript 2 equals v over g
As we know that for complete journey the displacement is zero
So using third equation of motion
v squared equals u squared plus 2 a s
s equals o
A n d space h e n c e space
v equals u
t subscript 2 equals u over g
t subscript 1 equals t subscript 2

Answered by Utkarsh Lokhande | 5th Sep, 2019, 12:25: PM