prove that 1 absolute coulomb =10 coulomb 1coulomb= 3*10^9 stat coulomb ,1Ab-coulomb=3*10^10stat coulomb

Asked by Gaurav nagpal | 1st Jul, 2011, 03:05: AM

Expert Answer:

Colomb is the derived SI unit of electric charge. it is the quantity of electricity transported in one second by a current of 1 ampere.
The statcoulomb or esu is the physical unit for electrical charges used in the cgs units. It is a derived unit given by
1 statcoulomb or esu = 0.1 A m / c ; where c is the speed of light.

This works out to be:

1 esu = 0.1 (C/s) * m / (299,792 m/s)

or  1 esu = 3.334564 x 10-10 C

or 1 C = 3.00×109 statC or esu,

Whie absolute coulomb defined as the amount of electric charge that crosses a surface in 1 second when a steady current of 1 absolute ampere is flowing across the surface. 
                                  1 absolute coulomb = 10 coulomb

1 absolute coulomb = 10 coulomb = 3.00×1010 statC

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