Properties of the elements are given below. Where would you locate the following elements in the periodic table- A. Soft metal stored under kerosene. B. An element with variable valency stored under water. C. An element which is tetravalent and forms the basis of organic chemistry. D. An element which is an inert gas with atomic number 2. E. An element whose thin oxide layer is used to make other elements corrosion resistant by the process of anodizing.

Asked by Akshay pavecha | 8th Feb, 2014, 12:13: PM

Expert Answer:

(a)  Sodium (Na) Group I and Period 3

(b)  Phosphorus(P) Group 15 and Period 3

(c)   Carbon(C) Group 14 and Period 2

(d)  Helium(He) Group 18 and Period 1

(e)  Aluminium(Al) Group 13 and Period 3

Answered by  | 10th Feb, 2014, 10:21: AM

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