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Firstly, we would have to understand about the composition of a cloud. It consists of a mass of frozen crystals or very tiny droplets of water that float in the Earth’s atmosphere. Clouds always float above the surface of  earth. When observed from Earth, the color of a cloud can suggest what it actually contains. The ice crystals that form the cloud reflect sunlight. Clouds appear white because they reflect this sunlight.Basically a cloud reflects similar quantity of light therefore, it tends to look white. This is because the tiny particles of water in the cloud are so close to each other that sunlight cannot infiltrate deep into the cloud. This results in the reflection of light, which subsequently makes cloud appear white. However, when the drops of water turn larger, then light can penetrate inside the cloud. This light is not reflected back and it remains absorbed (the light in this case may only be reflected upwards.) Therefore, the color of the cloud then appears of a different shades such as gray or even black when seen from the Earth! This itself creates an impression of an overcast sky and weather forecast then would obviously predict rain!

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