Problems faced by the framers of Indian constiitution were different with that of South Africa. Evaluate

Asked by Hrishikesh marathe | 4th Sep, 2016, 11:36: PM

Expert Answer:

Both countries - South Africa and India’s Constitution were framed under very difficult conditions.

However, framing Indian Constitution proved a lot harder for the Indian framers than their South African counterparts. This was because of India being huge and a diverse country. Also, at that time the people of the country were emerging from the status of subjects to that of citizens. The country attained independence through partition on the basis of religious differences which was a traumatic experience for the people.  Also, the merger of princely states into a nation was a difficult task.

In spite of all these difficulties, unlike South Africa, Indian framers had an advantage of knowing what a democratic India should be like. They did not have to create a consensus about what people wanted, because much of it was already evolved during the freedom struggle.

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 6th Sep, 2016, 03:59: PM

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