problem on coordinate geometry

Asked by rohit1993 | 27th Jun, 2008, 05:56: PM

Expert Answer:

let the 3rd vertex be (x,y)

distance between (x,y) and (3,4) = distance between (x,y) and (-2,3) = distance between (3,4) and (-2,3)

we get, 5x+y = -6

now, angle between any two sides is 60o

slope of one line is 1/5 and other line is y-4/x-3

using formula for angle between two lines, we get

tan 60 = 1/5 -y-4/x-3 / 1+1/5 . y-4/x-3

simplifying the above, you will get another linear equation in x and y.

solving the two linear equations formed, you will get the values of x and y and hence the third coordiante of the equilateral triangle.






Answered by  | 15th Jul, 2008, 04:35: PM

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