pressure at certain depth in river water is p1.,same depth in sea water is p2.which of following is correct?

a)p1=p2 b)p1>p2 c)p1

Asked by arajeevshashank | 19th Nov, 2019, 07:00: PM

Expert Answer:

The density of the sea water is greater than the density of the river water. 
The pressure of river water is p1 and density is d1
while pressure of sea water is p2 and density is d2 
We know, 
p1 = h1 d1 g ...(1)
p2 = h2 d2 g ...(2)
Given: h1 = h2 
Thus, dividing equation (1) by (2), we have, 
p1/p2 = d1/d2 
As, d2>d1
Thus, the relation between the pressure at same depth of river water and sea water is given as, 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 20th Nov, 2019, 11:52: AM