Present age of a women is two years more than three times the age of her daughter.Write a linear equation to represent statement.Draw its graph.If the daughter is 8 yrs old,what is the age of the mother?

Asked by Brijesh Damani | 22nd Mar, 2013, 12:11: PM

Expert Answer:

Ans 1 Let the age of the women be y years and that of the daughter be x years
then, y = 3x+2
It is a straight line, passing through (0,2) and (-2/3, 0)
If the daughter is 8 years old, then the mother's age (y) = 3(8) +2 = 26 years
Ans 2. Let the total parking charges be y and let the number of hours be x 
So, if x <= 2, then y = 50
However, if x>2, then y = 50*2 + 10*(x-2) = 80 + 10x
So, the function would be a piecewise function where
for x<=2 , y = 50
for X>2, y = 80 + 10x
The graph would be a straight line parallel to x axis at y = 50 for x between 0 and 2. and after that it would be a positively sloped line with slope = 10.

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