PQ,PR are focal chords of ellipse x^+2y^=2.If P=(1,1/square root 2)and QR=d then [d^]= (here ^ = 2)

Asked by Praneeth Ch | 6th Mar, 2012, 08:41: PM

Expert Answer:

We can easily find the focus of the given ellipse = (1,0) , (-1,0)
Now Equation of PR will be x = 1 , we get this equation by point P and focus(1,0)
Now let R be (root2.cosA , sinA) in parametric form
On comparing we get R is (1,-1/root2)
Similarly Q is (7-2root34 , 2roo2-root17)
so , d2 = { 403-58root(34) }/2

Answered by  | 7th Mar, 2012, 07:31: AM

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