Point charge q moves from point P to point S along the path PQRS (figure) in a uniform electric field E pointing parallel to the positive direction of the x-axis. The co-ordinates of the point P, Q, R and S are (a, b, 0), (2a, 0, 0), (a, –b, 0) and (0, 0, 0) respectively. The work done by the field in the above process is :
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(1) qEa
(2) –qEa
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(4) Image not present

Asked by devanshmalhotra2609 | 14th May, 2016, 01:32: PM

Expert Answer:

Work done by the electric field is independent of the path.
          = q (Exdx + Eydy + Ezdz)
          = q {E (-a) + 0 + 0 ]
WPQRS = -qaE or -qEa

Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 16th May, 2016, 11:26: AM

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