plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ......urgent!!! exam tomorrow!!!

Asked by priyanka1995 | 28th Feb, 2010, 10:45: AM

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If we have to take N number of bottles, then the total volume of those bottles will be NV, where V is the volume of a bottle. Now this must be equal to the volume of hemispherical bowl or the liquid in it, as they are same.

Volume of liquid in hemispherical bowl = NV

(4πR3/3)/2 = Nπr2h

4R3/3 = 2Nr2h

2R3/3 = Nr2h

N = (2R3/3)/(r2h)

= (2x93)/(3x(3/2)2x4) = 54

Hence 54 such bottles are required to empty the hemispherical bowl.





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