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Asked by Nayonika Menon M | 2nd Nov, 2013, 02:13: PM

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The answers to your first two questions are as follows:

Draw a circle with a bangle (the centre is unknown). Let P be a point outside a circle.

Required : To draw tangents from a point P outside the circle.

Steps of construction:

i. Draw a secant PAB to intersect the circle at A and B.

ii. Produce AP to a point C, such that PA = PC.

iii. With BC as a diameter, draw a semicircle.

iv. Draw PO ^ CB, intersecting the semicircle at O.

v. Taking PO as radius and P as centre, draw arc to intersect the circle at T and T’.

vi. Join PT and PT’. Then PT and PT’ are the required tangents.

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