Asked by nikitakoolkarni | 18th Oct, 2010, 09:26: AM

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Dear Student
You have not specified what is n here since d is clearly any digit in the number 10 base system
0.d25d25d25d25....= d25/999= d25/(27x37)
Now d25/(27x37) =n/27 (given)
So d25/37=n
Since the sum is integer so n must be integer only
Smallest  multiple of 37 of 3 digits ending with 25 is 925
which is 37x25 so n =25 and d =9 so the sum is 34 option (d)
Hope it clarifies your doubt
Team Topperlearning

Answered by  | 20th Oct, 2010, 12:58: PM

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