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For understanding this, let us look at the following experiment conducted by Mendel:

Mendel carried out a cross between a pure pea plant having yellow round seeds (YYRR) with another pure pea plant having green wrinkled seeds.(yyrr). The hybrid obtained in F1 were all yellow round (YyRr), but at the time of formation of gametes, these factors or genes segregate at randomn. None of these genes is influenced by the other. The colour of the seed is in no way tied up to the shape of the seed. Thus the yellow colour of the seed does not go only with round shape (as seen in the parent) but will go also with wrinkled seed. Similarly green will go with both round and wrinkled.

So it can be seen that genes assort independently, irrespective of the combinations present in the parents.  Each one of the pair of contrasting characters will coexist with either of another paired type.


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