Plz solve this sum

Asked by  | 9th Feb, 2010, 06:16: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student

Electric field near a charged infinitely extended surface  E=Sigma/(2ε0)

Sigma=Surface Charge density

ε0 = Permity of vacuum

So, force acting on the projected electron  F = Ee

Acceleration of the electron  a =  F/me

me= Mass of  electron

Initial velocity of the 150ev electron= u= (2XeX150/me)= (300e/me)

Final velocity = V=0

V=u-at==> t= (u/a)


The required distance = S= ut+1/2   a  t2    this implies S=6X150/E

I did't get the surface density provided in the problem.

Just plug in the numbers yu ocan get S




Answered by  | 10th Feb, 2010, 04:14: PM

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