plz plz plz super duper Expert of whole UNIVERSE help me solving my query..... i will pray god to complete urs every every wish! but in return i need urs sure favour of answering me

Asked by topper getahead | 17th Feb, 2011, 09:45: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student
Antilog 0.6144

A general formula-----Antilog of x is equal to 10x

 In this we will get 100.6144

The number before the decimal point is 0, so the decimal point will be after the first 1 digits.

From the antilog table, read off the row for .61 and column of 4; the number given in the table is 4111. The mean difference in the same row and under the column 4 is __.

To get the inverse of mantissa add the values = ____.

Now place a decimal point after the first digit and you get the number ____

Thus antilog 0.6144 = ______.


One more example for your reference and practise.

AntiLog(4.8779) = 104.8779







We hope that clarifies your query.

Answered by  | 18th Feb, 2011, 10:44: AM

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