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if the cost of a book is reduced by rs.5 a man is able to buy 5 more books for rs.300.Find the original list price of the book

is correct in the following method since it satisfies the condition of the problem

Money available 300
So number of books purchased at the rate Rs20 will be 300/20 = 15 books
if the price is reduced by 5 then number of books purchased will be 300/15 =20  books which is 5 more than the previous number.

Let  the original price of a book be rs.x and no. of books be y so, xy=300 x=300/y ----(i)

also, (x-5)(y+5)=300

xy-5y+5x-25=300 replacing from (i) 300-5y+1500/y=325

5y^2 + 25y -1500=0 y^2+5y-300=0 y=15 putting value in (i) we get; x=20 therefore,cost of book is rs.20

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