plz give me the answer for this question ???

Asked by pkartik | 13th Sep, 2008, 10:55: AM

Expert Answer:

Given: Quad ABCD  such that AB and CD are the smallest and longest sides of a quadrilateral ABCD.

To prove:

angle A > angle C and angle B > angle D.

Proof:Join BD. In ABD,AD> AB (AB is  the smallest side of the quadrilateral ABCD)

Therefore ABD >ADB....(1)

Similarly , in triangle BDC DC>BC(Given  CD is the  longest sides of a quadrilateral ABCD)

So DBC > BDC.... (2)

Adding (1) and (2)  , we get


Similarly join AC  and from the two triangles

angle A > angle C



Answered by  | 25th Sep, 2008, 08:29: PM

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