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All the different types of graphs are conic sections. Since all these can be derived from a cone.

All these have equations in the form of x2 and y2.

Standard Equation of Circle: (x - a)2 + (y - b)2 = r2where the centre is at (a,b) and radius r.

Standard Equation of Ellipse:

where (a,b) is the centre, c is the major axis (the distance from centre to graph along the horizontal) and d is the minor axis (the distance from centre to graph along the vertical).


As you can see, the ellipse is very similar to the circle. Actually, the circle is a special case of the ellipse, when c = d = 1.

A parabola may also be characterized as a conic section with an eccentricity of 1.

Standard equation of Parabola

(y - k)2 = 4a(x - h)

where h and k are the x- and y-coordinates of the vertex of the parabola and a is a non zero real number (in this investigation we consider only cases with positive a).







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