Plz also explain me in detail what Eddy currents actually are and how are they formed??plz

Asked by upmaniousagarika | 30th Jul, 2016, 05:50: PM

Expert Answer:

  • Eddy currents are defined as current induced in a thick conductor when the conductor is placed in a changing magnetic field.
  • It is a current induced in conductors which oppose the change in flux that generates them.
  • The tendency of a changing magnetic field is to induce a current that opposes the change.
  • These currents flow in closed loops within conductors, in planes perpendicular to the magnetic field.
  • However, the formation of these eddy currents depends on the shape of each conductor 
  • Eddy currents are undesirable since they heat up the conductor and dissipate electrical energy in the form of heat. 

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 1st Aug, 2016, 12:05: PM

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