pls write the word equation and balanced shemical equation for the following:

Asked by nish.nisharavi | 29th Jun, 2008, 07:09: PM

Expert Answer:

2)Mg          +2 HCl                 =    MgCl2         +H2
magnesium+hydrogenchloride= magnesium chloride+hydrogen
1)Zinc+hydrogensulphate = Zincsulphate +hydrogen
    Zn + H2SO4                 =ZnSO4+          H2 
3)Al+3 H2SO4= Al2(SO4)3+        3 H2 
Aluminium+ hydrogensulphate= Aluminiumsulphate+hydrogen
4)Fe +2 HCl =FeCl2 +H2
 Iron + hydrogenchloride=Ironchloride+hydrogen

Answered by  | 5th Jul, 2008, 03:12: PM

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