pls tell fast tommorrow is my exam.

Asked by srprusty | 22nd Oct, 2009, 03:18: PM

Expert Answer:

An ionic bond is formed by complete transfer of electrons from one atom to another. It is a bond formed between a metal and a non- metal. Like Na has electronic configuration 2,8,1. So, it is na metal and hence will lose one electron to gain noble gas configuration and hence stability. Also, Cl has electronic configuration 2,8,7. So, it will gain the elctron completely lost by Na and become Cl-.

Thus the bond will be between Na+ and Cl-. This bond is called ionic bond.

An ionic compound is complete compound NaCl.

A very basic understanding is that when a compound is formed there has to be a bond which holds the atoms together. In an ionic compound the bond or the force holding the atoms together is called an ionic bond.

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