Pls. explain the three laws which mendel proved in details! ???

Asked by AaNchaL BaBBaR | 8th Feb, 2014, 06:08: PM

Expert Answer:

The three laws given by Mendel are:
i. Law of dominance - According to this law, when a cross is made between two homozygous individuals, only one of the two characters of the pair (dominant) appears in the F1 generation. There is appearance of both the characters in F2 generation.
ii. Law of segregation - This law states that the characteristics of an organism are determined by internal \'factors\' which occur in pairs. Only one of a pair of such factors can be present in a single gamete.
iii. Law of independent assortment - This law states that in the inheritance of more than one pair of traits in a cross simultaneously, the factors responsible for each pair of traits are distributed independently to the gametes.

Answered by Jugal Kishor Rana | 14th Feb, 2014, 04:14: PM

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