PLS EXPLAIN THE ANS FOR Q.NO.6 OF MISC EXC IN Pg 583 of NCERT TXT BK? (I didn't understand the formula used for solving it in txtbk sol of topper)

Asked by sureshkumar kumar | 12th Feb, 2014, 07:47: PM

Expert Answer:

In this question, the experiment is dichotomous in nature.
That is, in the race, the player can clear the hurdle or knock down the hurdle.
Therefore, this experiment can have only two outcomes and are called bernoulli trials.
Let 'p' be the probability of success and 'q' be the probability of failure such that p + q = 1.
P open parentheses x space s u c c e s s e s close parentheses equals n C subscript x cross times p to the power of x cross times q to the power of n minus x end exponent comma space x equals 0 comma 1 comma 2 comma... n. space left parenthesis q equals 1 minus p right parenthesis
In an experiment of n-Bernoulli trials, the probabilities of 0, 1, 2, ... ,n successes can be obtained as 1st, 2nd,...,(n+1)th terms in the binomial expansion of open parentheses q plus p close parentheses to the power of n
This probability distribution is called binomial distribution.
This formula has been used in problem 6.
Also, since we need to find the probability the player will knock down fewer than 2 hurdles, we need to find P(x=0) + P(x=1)

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